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Title: Brenda Sue Greathouse
Post by: wk on October 14, 2005, 10:45:03 PM
Looking for "whatever happened to...." Brenda Sue Greathouse sister of Ruby & Lila Greathouse..daughter of Niel Greathouse....


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Brenda, If you should happen to read this there are some of your old friends including myself, (Bill- the guy with the green Pontiac and all those other cars. Don't know if you would even remember me anymore;but I'll never forget you!!) as well as Stuart, Danny,& Jack, etc, from high school years. Last I heard you were in Ohio, but I could never find you after you went to live with your grandparents. Let us know what happened to you and your sisters too! Smile (yes, I admit I had a permanent crush on you, you were such a brat!) We would like to know how your life has gone and hope you are happy!!!

p.s. Just in case you did remember, I wanted to let you know I changed my last name..that's why the initials are now "wk"....

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