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Greathouse Orphans / Family I Know Of!
« on: May 07, 2005, 11:38:09 PM »
I know only of my Great Grandfather James Burten Greathouse, wife Hazel Elzeta Greathouse Born in South Dakota, Had A brother who lived @ Lake Charles who had 5 children one of which is still residing there Charlene Greathouse.  My Grandmother, his daughter is Mary Jane Greathouse Townsend, twin sister is Martha Jean Greathouse Kelly both who reside in Ohio, two brothers one still living Milton B. Greathouse who resides in Indiana.  If you have any info pls contact me @  Thank You. Oh one more thing my family has a deep hereditary history of deafness as well as dark skin and blue eyes.

My name is Shelly J. Greathouse, I am looking for my family.  My family I know of is as follows mother Nancy J. Greathouse, grandmother Mary J. Greathouse Townsend, great aunt Martha J. Greathouse Kelly, great uncle Milton Bud Greathouse, Great Grandfather is also Greathouse who originates from South Dakota. We are prodominately brown skin, dark hair, high cheek bones, big boned, and blue eyed.  Any info helping my quest will be greatly appreciated.

:lol: Hello my name is Shelly Jane Greathouse.  My Mother is Nancy Jane Greathouse Lannom, Grandmother Mary Jane Greathouse Townsend, Great Aunt Martha Jean Greathouse Kelly, Great Uncle Milton Bud Greathouse, Great Grandfather also a Greathouse born in South Dakota on an Indian Reservation.  Looking for any info to help me on my quest for answers.  Thank You and hope to hear from someone.  Oh almost forgot long hereditary history of Deafness.

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