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Jacob Greathouse of Georgia / Getting 6th and 7th generations updated
« on: December 22, 2006, 10:47:15 AM »
We have a family Bible, which I have not had the opportunity to examine since I was a child.   The Bible is deteriorating, printed on acidic paper - likely it is only from the mid 1800's, which would put it originally in the hands of Rev. Early Greathouse.  It may contain information about Early's ancestors.

I know it moved to Regina, NM with James Littleton Greathouse and his children and that it passed from James Littleton to Willie (my grandfather) and from Willie to Richard Greathouse (my uncle and my father's older brother).  From Richard, the family Bible passed to his younger son, Todd.  Todd currently has possession of it.

Jacob Greathouse of Georgia / Getting 6th and 7th generations updated
« on: December 19, 2006, 06:25:09 AM »
What do we need to do to get the information I've posted included in the Jacob Greathouse of GA lineage on the website?  I've given as full an account as I can of the Greathouses descended from 112. James Littleton GREATHOUSE 1,2,4,5 (Early41, Abraham21, Jacob Jr.4, Jacob1).

I can get more information, and have passed the word on to some of my near cousins who may be able to contribute here as well.

Jacob Greathouse of Georgia / Census information - Rio Arriba County, NM.
« on: October 17, 2006, 08:59:45 AM »
GREATHARSE               ALICE                       8        PCT37       RIO         236B-96
GREATHARSE               ALZINA                     29        PCT37       RIO         236B-94
GREATHARSE               EDNA E.                    39        PCT37       RIO         236B-98
GREATHARSE               EIRE                       51        PCT37       RIO         236B-97
GREATHARSE               HERBERT                     9        PCT37       RIO         236B-95
GREATHARSE               WILLIAM                    40        PCT37       RIO         236B-93
GREATHOUSE               ALICE                      76        PCT37       RIO         237A-3
GREATHOUSE               JAMES L.                   75        PCT37       RIO         237A-2
GREATHOUSE               LESSIE                     42        PCT37       RIO         237A-4

Greatharse is an obvious misspelling.  

James L. is James Littleton Greathouse , son of Reverend Early Greathouse.  

76 yr old Alice is Alice Lucinda Marshall Greathouse.  

Eire(sp) is Erie Greathouse, son of James Littleton and Alice Lucinda.  

Lessie is Lessie Greathouse, daughter of James Littleton and Alice Lucinda.  

Edna is most likely Esta Greathouse, daughter of James Littleton and Alice Lucinda.

William is Willie Greathouse, son of James Littleton and Alice Lucinda.  

Alzina is Alzina Crowfoot Greathouse, wife of William Greathouse.  

Herbert is Herbert Greathouse, son of William and Alzina.  

8 yr old Alice is Alice Greathouse Hughes, daughter of William and Alzina.  

Data sourced from 1930 Census data, Rio Arriba County, NM  (Regina NM is located in Rio Arriba County.  James Littleton, Alice Lucinda, William and Alzina are all buried in Regina< NM.  Alice Greathouse Hughes is buried in the Greathouse Cemetery in Bell County, TX.    Herbert F. was cremated in Las Cruces, NM.

Queries / Susan Elizabeth Greathouse
« on: October 17, 2006, 06:12:20 AM »
I would also love to see a copy of the picture - I am a descendant of Susan through Abraham/Early/James Littleton.

Thanks, Rick!

275 M    v. Willie GREATHOUSE was born on 5 Apr 1890. William "Bill" Greathouse.  Willie is my grandfather I've also seen him referred to more commonly on the geneaology websites as "Willie." Grandpa Bill is one of the sons of James Littleton Greathouse and a grandson of Rev. Early Greathouse and is descended through the Jacob Greathouse family of GA.

Grandpa Bill Greathouse married Alzina Crowfoot and had two children, Herbert and Alice. Alice married Isaac Newton "Newt" Hughes.

Newt and Alice had five children:  Glenn Hughes, Bill Hughes, Janice Rogers, Linda Gold, and Karen Womble

Alice is buried in the Greathouse cemetery in Bell county, TX.

After Alzina's death, Grandpa Bill married Zepha Crowfoot, Alzina's neice and had three children by this marriage, Richard Greathouse(desceased, buried in Alpharetta or Marietta, GA), Joseph Theron "Ted" Greathouse and Martha Lasater.

Richard Greathouse had two sons, Richard Greathouse and Todd Greathouse. The last that I knew of Todd, he was living in Broadway, NC. I have no information on the whereabouts of the younger Richard Greathouse.

J.T. "Ted" Greathouse married Connie Annette Pruit of Lovington, NM and had two children, Joseph Alan Greathouse B. 1970 (me) and Lori Ann Greathouse B. 1973. Lori Ann Greathouse married Gabriel Werth of Arlington, TX and has one daughter from the marriage, Anna Elisabeth Werth B. 2006. Gabriel and Lori Werth currenly reside in Fort Worth, TX.

Martha Greathouse married Roger Lasater and had two children, Kathrine Keck and Larry Lasater. Both are married and currently reside in Farmington, NM.

I am unmarried as of now, but will be marrying Vanessa Newton of Fayettville, NC in March of 2007.

Please let me know what I can do to help update the information on the site.  I might be able to get my hands on Grandpa Bill's family bible for a time and get some more specific information.

Obituaries/Memorial Project / Herbert Greathouse
« on: October 12, 2006, 06:36:58 AM »

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