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Queries / Looking for family
« on: July 06, 2004, 10:33:36 PM »
I am Cletus Avery Greathouse Jr. born August 13, 1974 the family names I can remember as a child are as follows can someone please help me put a family for me together as my parents were always torn and bitter with all of there relatives and I suffered from there stupidity and ignorance here we go.  father Cletus Sr., half brothers Rick,            Randy (deseased), Ronnie, and Patrick (youngest), Grandfather was Joe Greathouse of Arkansas, Aunt Magaline in Kennet, MO., uncle Elvis in Belleville, Illinois, I also have or had aunts and uncles in Oklahoma some  or most in the city of Wagner and we are all of cherokee decendt my great grandparents were full blooded tribal, gr. grnd. father was a tribal chief. That is most of what I can think of right now. Thanks to everyone who is able to help.
contact info. phone: 619-255-5220

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