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Sign Our Guest Book / Re: Please sign our Guest Book...
« on: January 16, 2008, 10:20:11 AM »
Hi my name is Judith Gordon (nee Greathouse).  I am the daughter of Vernon George Greathouse and Myra Elizabeth Greathouse.  I am a descendant of Solomon Greathouse.  My sister is working on completing our family history from my father Vernon George. She has completed a huge amount of research and hopefully will be inputting the information soon.  My father was from Newcomerstown Ohio.  His father, mother sisters and brothers all lived there and the majority as far as I know never left there.  We were all born and raised in Cleveland Ohio.  With the exception of myself and my older brother they all still live there.  I will be anxious to see the completion of our family tree added to this great line of Greathouse's.  It is a pleasure to see so many of us in the "Greathouse Community."

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