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Queries / Michael Greathouse and Rachel Husted Greathouse
« on: May 26, 2009, 07:55:11 PM »
In looking through the site I found this:

"c. Michael Greathouse Although claimed to be a son of William, Michael is not mentioned as a son of William Sr. in his will, so there is no documentation of the relationship. A Rachel Hustead, daughter of Moses married John Beard on 25 July 1791 Harrison County, VA, and Michael Greathouse married Rachel Hustead on October 12, 1792 in Harrison County, VA. Michael is showing as head of household in 1800 census of Harrison County Virginia. Michael Greathouse owned 25 acres on Berry's Run in Harrison Co in 1838. It is said that his will was probated May 1839, Harrison County, WV Order Book number 2 page 177"

I cannot find these marriage records.  May I ask your source for the marriage information you are giving here.

From History of Harrison County, West Virginia: From the Early Days of Northwestern Virginia to the Present
By Henry Haymond
Published by Acme Pub. Co., 1910
Original from Harvard University
Digitized Sep 13, 2006
451 pages

Page 450, I find a marriage for John Beard to Mary (Unknown) 25 December 1791.  It is the only reference to John Beard as far as marriages go that I can find.

Can you please give me your source documentation for your marriages?


Kate Reab

Researcher; Francis Goodwin family

Herman Groethausen 1670 / Francis Goodwin and Sarah Greathouse
« on: January 01, 2006, 03:37:07 PM »

I trace my direct linage through this pair.  If I can help anyone researching this line, I have alot of information for thier children.

Katherine Reab
6th Generation

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