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« on: April 22, 2010, 12:01:43 PM »
     I am descended from Herman Groethausen. My family name is Clark, however I can trace my lineage back to Herman and his wife Mary. My line of descent is:

Herman Groethausen (1670-1743 + Mary (1671-?)
   Henrich Henry Groethausen(1695-1745) + Ann Puffin Pippen (1698-1745)
       Harmon Greathouse Sr. (1720-1782) + Mary M Stull (1724-1793)
          Susannah Greathouse ( 1759-1839) + Van Swearingen (1754-1839)  
              [Susannah and Van were cousins, their Mothers were sisters]
              Rachel Swearingen ( 1791-1851) + David Van Cleave (1787-1852)
                  William Harmon Van Cleave (1834-1906) + Priscilla Pressly (1841-1879)
                     I have TWO lines of descent from William, his son, William K.* and his daughter,
                      Anna Mary** { one *= William K's line/ two ** = Anna's line}
                      *Willam K Van Cleave (1862-1936 + Isadora Cox ( 1864-1945)
                           *Viola Van Cleave (1896-1975) + Albert L. Clark (1888-1955)
                             * Berthal Ray Clark (1920-1986) + **Hilma D. Hestenholtz (1929-1990)

                      **Anna Mary Van Cleave (1867-1938) + Michel Englehaupt Jr. (1863-1942)
                           **  Dora Englehaupt (1900-1933) + Harry Kestenholtz ( 1894-1969)
                                    **Hilma D Kestenholtz ( 1929-1990) + *Berthal Ray Clark (1920-1986)
                                              (Hilma and Berthal were second cousins)
                                            Bert Ray Clark (1948-present) + Carol F Duncan (1948- present)
                                                 Me: Heidi Clark (1967- present) + Michael J. Curtis (1970- Present)

I have places of birth, for all of the above people, if it is of interest to anyone. I haven't really done  a lot of research into my Greathouse family yet. I have only been working on-line on my family tree since November of 2009. I have found many branches of family I did not know about. This site is great for helping us beginners!
Thank you, Heidi

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