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Sign Our Guest Book / Hiram Greathouse 1796-1868 parents
« on: May 22, 2012, 05:44:45 PM »
Hi, I am Janice Greathouse Gillham and live in Georgia.  I have been working on my family history for years and am so glad to have found this site.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma.  I have not seen my family names in any messages.  My third great grandfather Hiram Greathouse(1796-1868) married a distant cousin Lyda(Lydia) Ann Greathouse(1801-1872), both born in Kentucky and lived in Illinois - so I have 2 Greathouse lines.  Hiram's parents were William and MaryAnnLivenston but I have little info. on them and nothing on their parents/siblings.  Lyda's parents are listed on RootsWeb World Connect Project:Sass/Benson of Ohio 2010-03-27 as Napoleon Bonaparte Greathouse and Nancy Williams but I have conflicting info. from my grandfather's niece listing John Johannes Greathouse as Lyda's father, then John Jr., John Sr., Henry, Herman and Herman(1633).  When I was growing up I never heard of another Greathouse but now I'm overwhelmed with the number!  Help me get my line correct!  My e-mail is

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