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Greathouse Lineage Project / Share Your Greathouse Lineage
« on: February 28, 2009, 11:47:30 AM »
If you are a Greathouse or have ancestors who were a Greathouse, please share your lineage back to the earliest Greathouse ancestor that you can document your lineage through by replying to this topic.

For example my lineage follows:

John Greathouse Senior m. Sarah " Sallie" McDade
..Edward "Ned" Greathouse m. Matilda Elizabeth Blosser
....Isaac Benjamin Greathouse m. Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Tanner
......Ervin M. Greathouse m. Effie Leveary Webb
........Paul "Dick" Greathouse m. Zadia Dale Price
..........Paul Richard Greathouse m. Sharon Kay Greathouse
............Richard Ivan Greathouse -> me


Most Wanted Greathouse / Leonard and Sarah Parsons Greathouse
« on: January 02, 2009, 03:18:46 AM »
Leonard and Sarah Parsons Greathouse

1793 - 1801 - A Leonard Greathouse perhaps [speculation], could have been one of two tithable males in the household of William Greathouse Jr. who was taxed as resident of Harrison County, VA. 1


1801, Nov 8 - Marriage: Leonard Greathouse to Sarah Parsons

Know all men by these presents that we Leonard Greathouse and John Corzad of Harrison County are held and firmly bound unto James Wood in the sum of $150 which payment will and truly to be made and we bind our selves our heirs, executors also firmly by these presents witness our hands and Seals this 8th day of November 1801.

The condition of the above obligation is such that should there be no lawful cause to obstruct a marriage intended between Leonard Greathouse and Sarah Parsons of said county then this obligation to be void els to remain in full force and virtue.

Leonard Greathouse
John Corzad

Ben Wilson, CHC


1802 - Leonard Greathouse was taxed as head of household in Harrison County, VA.


1803 - Leonard Greathouse was taxed as head of household in Harrison County, VA.


After 1803, there are no further records for a Leonard Greathouse in Harrison County, VA.


1810 - Census: Harrison County, VA.
A Sarah Greathouse was enumerated as the head of household. She was living next door to an Edward Parsons.

Other Parsons enumerated on the same page were Joseph Parsons and George Parsons. Edward, Joseph and George Parsons are known to have been brothers and sons of Charles "The Red" and Elizabeth Westbrook Parsons.


Source Information:
1) Harrison County, Virginia, Personal Property Tax Lists 1793 - 1803, microfilm, WV Archives, Charleston, WV.
2) Earle H. Morris, Harrison County Virginia (West Virginia) 1784-1850, 1966-1970. Page 34.
3) Wes Cochran, Harrison County Marriages 1785-1894, 1985. Page 388.
4) Dodd, Jordan. Virginia Marriages to 1800 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1997. Original data: Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Virginia.

News and Updates / Greathouse Point: 2008 - Year in Review
« on: December 31, 2008, 06:39:43 PM »
Greetings to All,

2008 has been a very successful year for our Greathouse Projects at Greathouse Point!

We had our best year ever with over 18,000 page loads for the year, with over 2,000 page loads in June alone.

Some of our research accomplishments included:

1)  John Greathouse and Sarah McDade line:
  a) Established that sons Solomon and William both married 2nd wives.
  b) Put William A, son of William H, and William Asa into correct families.
  c) Sorted out Davids that were erroneously listed in the wrong families.
  d) Helped people link up to the correct lineage in this line and others.
  e) Ruled out children Isaac, Betsey, Wylie and their descendants.

2) Sorted out the the three Johns - John G, John Jr. and the John of Harrison  - all born around 1810-1812.
3) Challenged the William Groathouse/Grotehouse of Mifflin being the same person as the son of William and Barbara Greathouse of Harrison.
4) Started more intensive research on descendants of Herman and his two sons, Henry and John.
5) Verified that John Greathouse did not marry Phoebe Thompson in Harrison County.
6) Discovered additional information about the Greathouse families of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.
7) Made excellent progress on our DNA findings and have recruited new participants.

Our new team of researchers at Greathouse Point are scrutinizing their own work, as well as the work done by others. Our desire is to produce the most accurate and best documented history of the Greathouse family in America, based on primary and secondary source documentation, instead of myths or family legends.

We made the hard decision in 2008 to remove the family databases from Greathouse Point, because they were filled with errors and misleading information. Although we understood the desire for people to connect up their trees, we could not, in good conscience, continue to publish incorrect information.   The prior databases had been built on information from sources such as Ancestry's World Tree, Family Tree Maker CD's, GEDComs found on RootsWeb, and was unsupported  by documentation in most cases.

We are currently using documentation from reliable sources and avoiding making assumptions that cannot be supported by facts. For example, by starting afresh, we have collected documented information on Herman Groethausen that provides a detailed time line of events covering his life in America from when he left Prussia, his emigration and activities in  Philadelphia, PA to the time of his death in 1743.

In 2009, we welcome all to our team who have an interest in sincere research that will withstand careful scrutiny.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all the Greathouse Family and Friends,

Most Wanted Greathouse / Most Wanted Greathouse
« on: December 17, 2008, 01:20:54 PM »
Greetings to All,

Please share any information that you may have on our "Most Wanted Greathouse" ancestors.

Basically, we would like to know more about the Greathouse ancestor who has time after time proven himself/herself to be a "brick wall" dead end which prevents you from being able to connect that Greathouse ancestor to his/her parents.

Please share a little about any "brick wall" dead ends which you have experienced in your research of the Greathouse family.

As we start receiving some information about our "Most Wanted Greathouse" ancestors, there will be a topic for each ancestor discussed, available on our Most Wanted Greathouse board.


Greetings to all,

Jim Bartlet just posted the following article on the Harrison County
Genealogical Society's mailing list, which I thought would be great to share
with our mailing list.

For all of our cousins with connections to the Greathouses of Harrison
County, WV, you might also be interested in Harrison County Genealogy
Society's website.

Our Greathouse DNA Project pages:

Greathouse DNA Project at DNA Heritage:

Greathouse DNA Project at Family Tree DNA:

Merry Christmas to all,

Rick Greathouse

Greathouse Point
Home of Guild Greathouse

Greathouse DNA Project


Genealogy-DNA Kits make great Christmas Gifts

Some of you may have attended my presentation on Genealogy-DNA at the
2007 HCPD Gathering.

Genealogy-DNA is a tool, like census records, deeds, tombstones, etc -
AND it is virtually 100% accurate!

Summary: Someone takes a DNA test - if their result matches someone else
they share a common ancestor; they don't share a common ancestor with
someone they don't match.

Prices have fallen recently, and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) has a very good
sale this month - their 37-marker Y-DNA (for SURNAME projects) is deeply

The DNA Kit provides everything you need and thus makes a very good
Christmas Gift.

It's actually kind of a clever gift from us hard-core genealogists to
those who are only slightly (or not-at-all) interested.

Because, in addition to the string of numbers that need to be matched
and genealogical lines traced, the DNA Kit results give us some fun
information about Deep Ancestry:

A 37-marker result will also include the "haplogroup" - the major branch
on the tree of mankind the participant belongs to.

Most American Colonists from England were (and their descendants are)
haplogroup "R1b" - these represent the first settlers in Britain c8,000
years ago (after the last Ice Age)
Some American Colonists from England were I1a or I1b - this DNA comes
from Vikings who invaded Britain, and settled there
A few American Colonists from England were E1b1 - this DNA comes from
men from the Balkans 5,000 years ago, who were drafted by the Romans
c43-400AD to be part of their occupation of Britain

There are many other possiblities depending on where your ancestors
originated - or the ancestors of someone for whom you need a unique
gift... The results include a map, showing were the ancestors migrated
thousands of years ago.

Here's how to get the discounted pricing - join a SURNAME Project at

Go to:
On the right side, under the blue Search Bar, to the right of "Equals"
box; enter a SURNAME in the box and click on Submit
On SEARCH RESULTS page note the various projects and the number of
If there is a Project for your SURNAME (or a close spelling), click on
that name
You'll get the JOIN THE Surname PROJECT page;
You can have the Kit mailed to you or to someone else; you can pay
on-line by CC or have them bill you. - the best value is Y-DNA37
(options and pricing in pull down box)
You can also order a mitochondrial DNA kit (mtDNA), which traces your
DNA through the participants mother and up the all-female line
You can also click on the Website link
On the _____ Surname DNA Project page
1. Read the Background
2. Click on Goals, News, Results, Y Results (wait for this one to

The good news about a SURNAME Project at FTDNA is that (usually) there
is a Project Admin (like me) who will be happy to help you.

This is my hobby - I'd be happy to answer any questions

Merry Christmas to all;

Jim Bartlett
BARTLETT-DNA Project Admin

Dear Family Tree DNA Group Administrator,
In keeping with our end-of-the-year tradition, effective November 26th, 2008 we'll institute special pricing at Family Tree DNA for your new-kit-purchasing participants.
The products that will be offered at the special prices are:

   Y-DNA37    $119
   Y-DNA67    $218

   Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus     $199
   Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus    $308
   mtDNAPlus    $139
   Full Genomic mtDNA    $395
   SuperDNA    $613

This offer is good until December 31st, 2008 for kits ordered and paid for by that time.

"History Unearthed Daily"


Revolutionary Germantown FestivalOctober 4, 10PM - 5PM

Join us for the annual reenactment of the Battle of Germantown at Cliveden. Costumed soldiers and generals will be performing live battle reenactments at 12pm and 3pm. Food and craft vendors, as well as childrens? activities will be on-site for the festival. Tours of Cliveden house available immediately following the battle reenactment. Bring the family, expect the excitement! Visit for further event details.

Source: Email from Gene Stackhouse to "Germans to Phila" mailing list, 15 Sep 2008.

General Discussion / Houston and Hurricane Ike
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:03:42 PM »
Hello Cousins,

We would like to let everyone know that our thoughts and prayers are with any of our cousins and friends and all those who live in Houston and the surrounding area. Our hearts are with them as they struggle through each day cleaning up the mess that Hurricane Ike left. That storm was so devastating. We hope for a quick recovery and cleanup of all the affected areas, so all can get back to normal living.

If you are in contact with any cousins who live in the Houston area and have heard from them, please email our mailing list, or post some news about how they are doing in our forum. We would like to know if we can help them in any way.


Events, Happenings and Reunions / 14th Annual Genealogy Fair - 27 Sep 2008
« on: September 05, 2008, 10:59:01 AM »
Roane County Historical Society is proud to announce the 14th Annual Genealogy Fair will be held Saturday, September 27, 2008 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Heritage Park in Spencer.

Read more:

If you have never been to our Genealogical Fair, you might want to check out pictures from last years fair. You'll find a room filled with people with an interest in the genealogy and history of the Roane County area. Various organizations from the surrounding area and many individuals will have displays, selling publications or just sharing information. There will be people not only willing, but excited to talk to you about your family history. You might discover a lost cousin, and you can almost count on meeting new friends. It doesn't matter if you have been researching your lines for years, or are just thinking about getting started, join us and you won't be disappointed.

When: September 27, 2008 from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Where: Heritage Park Community Building
110 Church Street, Spencer, WV

There will be signs posted in the area to show the directions to the fair. (For a map, click here.)

Please join us and enjoy the day researching your family roots in Roane County and surrounding areas. Everyone is welcome.

The Roane County Courthouse and our genealogy room at the Roane County Library will both be available until noon.

The old school house and the museum located in Heritage Park will be open.

Good food will be available on site.

Door prizes will be given.

To reserve a display area, or for further information, you may contact one of the following:

Johanna Nutter

Carol Board-Westfall

or contact us by mail at:
Roane County Historical Society
P.O. Box 161
Spencer, WV 25276-0161

More information will be posted as it becomes available, so check back on this page for updates.


Greetings to all,

Basil "Bub" C. Brown will be holding a reunion on Sunday, 21 Sep 2008 at the Mt. Zion Community Park, just below Mt. Zion Church on Route 16, about 7 miles north of Arnoldsburg, WV.

Directions: Coming in from I79, take the Big Otter exit heading towards Arnoldsburg on Rt. 16. When you arrive at the intersection in Arnoldsburg, continue right on Rt. 16 towards Grantsville for about 7 miles. There will be a sign on the right at the road where you turn into Mt. Zion Community Park.

Lunch will be served at 12:30pm. Bring a covered dish and spend the day.

Gospel music can heard all day long. Singers include Brenda Cole and family, Golden Tones and others (subject to change).

This reunion welcomes the following families of Calhoun County, WV, and surrounding counties:


All families and friends are welcome.

Bub has gathered much information on all of these families and he is looking forward to sharing his work and his collection of photos with others. He is always searching for more information on these families, so bring any family research that you have collected, so you can share what you have gathered with Bub and others, myself included.

I attended this reunion for the first time last year, where I made several very interesting connections and met some new cousins too. I am looking forward to attending this reunion again, this year.

For more information call (304) 354-7394, ask for Bub.

Or you may email Bub at:

Hope to see you there,

What are the benefits of using our forum vs our mailing list?

1) Less email from our project's members, which must be sorted out from all of the spam that you may receive, if you want to keep the emails from our project's members for future reference.

2) In our forum, any topics posted, may be edited by the original author or by the Admin of the forum at anytime. Topics may also be deleted by the original author or forum Admin at any time.

However, with our mailing list that is not possible. All email sent to our mailing list can not be edited once sent. If you want to correct an error in an email, you must revise the error and then resend a copy of that email. Also all email sent to our mailing list is archived at RootsWeb, where once those emails are archived there, they can not be edited. Although, emails available in the archives at RootsWeb , can be deleted at any time, upon request.

3) With our forum as a resource available at Greathouse Point, our group's members may visit our forum, of their own accord, when ever they would like to know about updates, that have been made available at Greathouse Point, since their last visit. Therefore, use of our forum, in favor of our mailing list, will minimize the number of emails that members of our group receive, which will minimize any time that may spend sorting emails from our group's members, that they would like to keep, from all of the other spam that they receive.

Greathouse Point FAQ / When was the "Greathouse Research Guild" founded?
« on: August 23, 2008, 03:13:43 PM »
When was the "Greathouse Research Guild", our forum, founded? By whom? And what events led to the creation of our forum, which serves as an additional tool for gathering additional research, that can be shared, on our website, with our group?

A remnant of our old "Greathouse Research Guild" forum, is still available at EZBoards.

Our forum first went online on 3 Oct 2001, based on the first announcement that our new forum was available for use.

Our forum was established as an additional tool that would help Greathouse Point gather additional research, from members of our group, who would prefer to use a forum, instead of a mailing list, to share their work with our website.

Also because of the growing problem with spam at that time, which is even worse now... it was common opinion of many experts on spam, that mailing lists were going to become obsolete, within a few short years. Of course, mailing lists are still with us today, but their usage is diminishing as the problem with spam continues to grow, significantly.

On 30 Apr 2004, we completed the move of forum from EZBoard to our new forum that was hosted with our our group's website. At the time, the name was changed from "Greathouse Research Guild" forum to "Greathouse Community" forum. At that time our forum was powered by PHPBB.

Within the last couple years, the software powering our forum was changed to Simple Machines Forum.

Recently, our forum was renamed back to "Greathouse Research Guild" forum because we want to start using it to share research where a peer review process can be implemented.

As of September 1, 2008, "Guild Greathouse Forum" is the new name for our forum, retiring "Greathouse Research Guild" and "Greathouse Community".

How did the "Greathouse Cousins Data Exchange" begin?

Greathouse descendants have always been interested in their family history.  In 1997, two people, seeking to learn the history of the Greathouse family in American and Europe, became the pioneers, who brought "Greathouse Cousins" together, when they began exchanging Greathouse family information by E-mail.  Later, in December 1998, the Greathouse Mailing List at was adopted to share their collection of information as well as the means to gather new information from family members.

The Greathouse Mailing List at, appears to have been created about January 1983, but had either been left idle; or any E-mails posted were lost,  probably due to a server failure at; between February 1983 and December 1998.

The group was founded in 1996, by Patricia Dodd Greathouse, when she started searching for documentation to join the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

When interviewed by E-mail, in late 1998, about how the group came to be founded, Pat stated, "I wrote for the records of Harmon Greathouse from the DAR and received 3 different copies stamped "error". I got on the internet and found that there were several sites that also reported these errors as fact... I just wanted the facts recorded correctly for future descendants.  The "Greathouse Cousin" network started with the exchange of information.  I was trying to inform all the Greathouse relatives to find accurate and factual information."

The group of Greathouse relatives or Greathouse family researchers, who were exchanging the history of the Greathouse family, continued to grow under the leadership of Patricia Dodd Greathouse, "our fearless leader"... who directed the project, with interest and enthusiasm for about seven years, through her death, which occurred on February 7th, 2003, in Columbus, GA. We mourned her passing and miss her very much.

In 1997, Franklin Daniel Neher volunteered to be the record keeper of all the Greathouse data received by the group, which had been named as, the "Greathouse Cousins Data Exchange", based on Frank's E-mail which he used to recruit new members for their project.

Pat stated, "she and Frank were "tied by a common interest in correcting past inaccurate published Greathouse information, and that their goals were to:

1.  Collect and share documented facts about the descendants of Herman Groethausen (ca 1670-1743), Springfield Manor, Germantown, Pennsylvania.

2.  Share all research that was collected and to enable future generations to find accurate information.

3.  Help others to tie their loose links to the main family tree."

When Franklin Daniel Neher retired as Records Coordinator and as Custodian of the collections he had diligently and tirelessly compiled for the group after his 85th birthday, on April 27th, 2002, Frank continued to serve in an advisory role for the group, while he also helped many others with their Greathouse family history endeavors. For his continued service, Frank was granted the title of "Records Coordinator Emeritus", which he retained through his death. Franklin Daniel Neher died on 27 May 2004 in Wenatchee, Chelan County, WA.

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