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Here is the other line:

           John Greathouse and Sarah McDade
           .Edward Greathouse and Matilda Blosser
           ..Jane Greathouse and Henry Lawson Tanner
           ...Mary Louine Tanner and Wesley McDonald
           ....Romey Lee McDonald and Violet Andrea Meeks
           .....Bertye Marie McDonald and Burton Atlee Hedrick
           ......Virginia Carol Hedrick and Dorsey Ralph Sampson
           .......Tammy Sampson<me

This is going to be a hard one for my because I decend through them on paternal and maternal sides.  Rick I believe you and I are cousins several different ways.  Here goes:

           John Greathouse Sr. and Sarah McDade
           .Soloman Greathouse and Sarah (Sally) Starcher
           ..Matilda Greathouse and Henry Starcher
           ...Cora Lee Starcher and Andrew Craddock
           ....Emma Craddock and Ralph Sampson
           .....Ernest Sampson and Velma Pearl Roberts
           ......Dorsey Sampson and Virginia Carol Hedrick
           .......and Me, Tammy Sampson

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