Author Topic: DNA Heritage offers 27% off on their DNA Testing  (Read 6176 times)


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DNA Heritage offers 27% off on their DNA Testing
« on: January 12, 2006, 06:16:09 PM »
Hello Cousins,

I just received the following email from Alastair Greenshield of DNA Heritage. Basically for the next 8 weeks - last order date is 7th March 2006 (and returned no later than 3 weeks after), you can order the 43 marker test from our surname project for $137.77. This test is normally $189.

If you have the Greathouse surname and would like to take advantage of this offer and help our Greathouse Surname DNA Project reach its goal of attaining at least 2 participants for each of the 14 Greathouse families that we are working on, please consider joining our DNA project by filling out the form and submitting it, at the bottom of this page...

Thank You,

Email from Alastair follows:

So we're 12 days into January. Among the New Years Resolutions we are all likely to break, here's one you can keep. Finally sort out your family tree and tie up those loose ends with a little help from us.

To tie in with our Family Tree Magazine reader offer, we have lowered the cost of our 43 marker test to just $159.20 and just $137.77 if you are part of a Surname Project.  These are normally $199 and $189 respectively.

This offer is valid for all tests if ordered within the next 8 weeks - last order date is 7th March 2006 (and returned no later than 3 weeks after)

And if you think you may have friends or cousins who may benefit from this discount offer, do feel free to forward this email on to them.

At DNA Heritage we've helped families connect around the world, confirm relationships and united people who share a common ancestor, even when the last names weren't identical.

We already provide the most cost-effective test -- and this discount gives you an extra incentive and window of opportunity to verify all of your hard research and link up those spelling variants of your family name.

Along with the family name, a father also passes his Y-chromosome on to his sons. This is the same for the grandfather, great-grandfather and so on. By knowing this, we can match up people with the same last names by using DNA.

Accuracy and quality counts -- all of our genealogical tests are performed in the only ISO17025 accredited lab in the field; and with an average turnaround of results in just 15 days we can get you off to a flying start.

Kind Regards,

Alastair Greenshields
DNA Heritage
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