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A New and Improved... Greathouse Research Guild
« on: April 29, 2004, 05:00:45 PM »
Greathouse Cousins,

We would like to announce the reopening of the Greathouse Research Guild, our new and improved online forum for Greathouse Point and the Greathouse Cousin Network.

Hosting and setup of our new forum has been graciously provided by Todd Thrash from Kickstart I.T., of Bellaire, TX. Todd is Lynn Leonard's son-in-law. We want to thank Todd for his help and efforts.

Our new forum is now open and ready for your enjoyment.

We hope that you will find this forum to be an effective tool to help you connect with other researchers of the Greathouse family and share your research with others. Our new forum works pretty much the same as our old forum, the forum hosted by EZBoard, but we have added some exciting features!

1. You can now sort each forum to your own likeing, either newest post first or oldest post first. When you browse a forum, you will notice the sort option at the bottom of the forum window.

2. In our new forum, you also have the option to be notified by email when someone posts a reply to a discussion you started or one that you have posted to. This option can be set in your profile during registration. Just select "Yes" in the option for "Always notify me of replies". If you don't want to set this option so it is always on in your profile, you can set it whenever you post a new message. The notification of replies feature only works if you register with a valid email address though.

3. We have added new forums in an effort to provide a place where researchers can meet and share information about the Greathouse family line that they are working on. In other words, if you are a descendant of Herman Groethausen, you now have a forum where all researchers of Herman Groethausen can better focus their research on this family. So we now have a forum where researchers of each of the 13 Greathouse families, as listed on Greathouse Point's Families page, , can focus on their primary family of interest.

4. We have also added a "How To" section for tips and questions on research, genealogy software programs and more.

Again, you may visit our new forum at: . Please stop by for a visit.

We do hope that you will register with our forum so that others can email you with questions, if they have any. There is an easy to use registration form. The only fields that are required are the following:

User name
Confirm Password
Email address

If you have any problems registering, please email me. I would be happy to help you register.

After you register, please browse to your family line, share your lineage and post any questions that you may be seeking answers for, regarding your Greathouse research.

Admin, Guild Greathouse Forum


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A great tool
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2004, 11:37:44 AM »
I just registered and am excited about using this site.  I am a descendent of Solomon, McDonald, William Vernon, Lawrence, Richard.  Currently live in Indiana, born in Yougstown Ohio