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Children of John Senior and Elizabeth Greathouse
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There are two sources which document John and Elizabeth's children:  
     (1) Strasburg Lutheran German Records, 1768-1829:  Strasburg, Virginia.  Transcribed and translated by George M. Smith and Klaus Wust.  Edited by Klaus Wust.  Shenandoah Genealogical Source Book No. 13.  Edinburg, VA:  Shenandoah History Publishers, 1997.  Page 18 gives the information for their daughter Anna Maria.  Page 19 gives the data for their son Johannes [and for John and Catherine Greathouse's daughter Elizabeth].  [Page 20 includes John and Catherine's son Isaac.]
     (2) Kentucky State Archives.  Union County Civil Case File, 1819, Box 10, Bundle 46, Accession No. A 1988-216.  A lawsuit filed in 1817 lists all the children except Anna Maria and gives the names of the husbands of the married daughters.  The children listed here are John and David Greathouse, being sued by Harmon, William, Daniel, and Jane Greathouse, Polly (Greathouse) and Charles Adams, and Rebecca (Greathouse) and Isaac Callinder.