Author Topic: Landholder's of Wrightsboro, GA prior to 1776  (Read 17449 times)


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Landholder's of Wrightsboro, GA prior to 1776
« on: September 10, 2007, 11:58:53 PM »
Subject: Wrightsboro, GA Residents
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 01:48:58, -0500

-- [ From: Bill Denney * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Several folks have asked me if their families were in the Wrightsboro,
GA Quaker settlement. The book "The Story of Wrightsboro 1768-1964" by
Mrs. Pearl Baker of the Wrightsboro Restoration Foundation of Thomson,
GA has a list of residents prior to 1776, which is shown below.
Hopefully, this will answer your questions (note that a few non-Quakers
are listed at the end). I suspect that some of the folks in the first
list were also non-Quakers. As I recall, an article on Thomas Ansley's
"Rock House" (built between 1770-1785) stated that he was not a Quaker..

Wrightsboro Township Landholders Before 1776

Ansley, Benjamin
Ansley, Thomas
Ashfield, Henry
Ashmore, Frederick
Austin, Richard
Baldwin, David
Barfield, Solomon
Beck, George
Beggot, Elisha
Bird, Richard
Bishop, James
Boggs, Joseph
Bowie, James
Bryan, John
Burke, John
Burns, Andrew
Carson, John
Castle, Jacob
Cloud, Joel
Coats, James
Cobbs, James
Cochrane, Cornelius
Cooper, Isaac
Daniel, William
Davis, John
Day, Stephen
Denison, Patrick
Dennis, Abraham
Dennis, Isaac
Dennis, Jacob
Dennis, John
Dover, John
Duncan, John
Dunn, Benjamin
Dunn, John
Echols, Edward
Elam, William
Emmett, James
Farmer, William
Fleming, David
Gray, Isaac
Greathouse, Jacob
Greene, Isaac
Hart, James
Hart, Peter
Hart, Samuel
Hart, Thomas
Hartshorn, John
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hickson, William
Hodgin, John
Holliday, Ambrose
Hollingsworth, Joseph
Howard, Benjamin
Howard, John
Howell, James
Hunter, John
Jackson, Absolom
Jackson, Benjamin
Jackson, Isaac
Jackson, Nathaniel
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, Walter
Jones, Francis
Jones, John
Jones, Richard
Lee, John
LeMarr, William
Lockridge, Robert
Lowe, Isaac
Lynn, Thomas
Lynn, William
McCarty, Daniel
McFarland, James
McFarland, William
McLen, Robert
Maddock, Joseph
Mathews, Oliver
Middleton, Holland, Jr.
Middleton, Holland, Sr.
Miles, Daniel
Mitchell, William
Mooney, Joseph
Moore, John
Moore, Mordecai
Moore, Richard
Moore, Thomas
Morrow, George
Morrow, James
Murphey, Edward
Murray, John
Oliver, Alexander
Oliver, James
Oliver, John
Oliver, Samuel
Owen, Ephriam
Pace, Silas
Parvey, Dial
Perkins, John
Perkins, Peter
Perry, John
Philips, Peter
Robinson (Roberson), David
Robison, Israel
Samson, Samuel
Sell, Henry
Sell, Jonathon, Jr.
Sell, Jonathon, Sr.
Sergison, Patrick
Sidwell, John
Slater, John
Slater, Mary
Smith, John
Smith, Richard
Stewart, John, Jr.
Stubbs, Ann
Stubbs, Deborah
Stubbs, John
Stubbs, Nathaniel
Thompson, John
Thompson, Laurence
Tinnen, Hugh
Vernon, Amos
Vernon, Isaac
Walden, Robert
Watson, Jacob
Watson, John
Watson, Thomas
Welsh, John
Whigham, Thomas
Whitsett, John
Whitsett, John, Jr.
Whitsett, Joseph
Wilson, Samuel
Winslete, Samuel

Candler, William
Few, Benjamin
Graham, John
Houstown, Patrick
Howard, John
Hume, James
Johnson, Lewis
McKay, James
Wright, Sir James
Young, Thomas


Bill Denney--Vancouver USA
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