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Remembrance Book - Patricia Ann Dodd Greathouse
« on: February 05, 2008, 12:28:22 PM »
Greathouse Cousins,

Five years ago, on 7 Feb 2003,, we were all deeply saddened to hear the news that Patricia Ann Dodd Greathouse, Founder of Greathouse Point and the Greathouse Cousin Network, had lost her long and hard fought battle with cancer.

Patricia was born on 26 Apr 1935 in Columbus, Muscogee, GA. She married Robert Otis Greathouse on 4 Jul 1953 in Banks, Pike, Alabama. She died on the morning of 7 Feb 2003, at Columbus Hospice House in Columbus, GA.

Please join us throughout the rest of the month of February as we remember Patricia Ann Dodd Greathouse, by sharing your own personal stories about how each of you met Pat and what she meant to you, in our Remembrance Book for Pat.

Rick Greathouse

In Memoriam
Patricia Ann Dodd Greathouse
Founder of Greathouse Point and the Greathouse Cousin Network
26 Apr 1935 - 7 Feb 2003

What do we say to one so special and so dear to each one of us who is nearing her journey home? She has touched each of our lives in a special way and we would like to let her know... just how much she means to us but the words we find... fall so very short.

It hurts to let you go, but we love you too much to selfishly keep you for a life of misery and pain. And why would we keep you from the arms of your loving heavenly father.........and from meeting the one who loved you enough to give His very life for you? No, instead, with tears in our eyes, but the eternal HOPE we hold dear in our hearts, we let you go. And as we release you, we send you with our prayers.......that you would have comfort to the end of your journey and all fears will vanish as the very one who paid the price of your salvation WALKS WITH YOU through the valley of the shadow of death all the way to the other side where the glorious light of heaven and of our Savior shines with a brightness we can only imagine.........until, shortly, we join you there. -- Anne Minnick

Patricia Dodd Greathouse passed away on the morning of February 7th, 2003, at Columbus Hospice House in Columbus, GA.

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Remembrance Book: Patricia Ann Dodd Greathouse
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Re: Remembrance Book - Patricia Ann Dodd Greathouse
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Pat was truly an inspiration to all who came in contact with her.  She is still missed.