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Harrison County Wills: 1786 - 1899
« on: February 08, 2008, 04:43:38 PM »
Harrison County Wills: 1786 - 1899

WV Archives & History Library

Greathouse, Gabriel

Settlement: Dated September 17, 1836. Record in Harrison County, W Va, will book, No. 5. page 265, at September term of court 1836.

Commissioners: Thomas Haymond and Joshua Nixon
Administratrix: Nancy Greathouse.
Heirs: John Cottrill, Eli Divers, Gabriel Greathouse, Jr., Moses Greathouse, John Greathouse, James Dennison, Frederick Greathouse, James Greathouse, David Greathouse and Edmond Dennison.

Greathouse, John

Will: Dated May 18, 1838, Recorded in Harrison county, W Va. will book, No. 5, page 429, at May term, 1838, of county court.

Devisees: Milly, wife, home farm of 200 acres on Zack's run, a drain of Elk Creek, her lifetime, and one-third of livestock as well as all household good, the farm to go to sons, Enos, Jacob H. and Augustin at her death.

Stephen Brookfield Greathouse, son 200 of 400 acres of Tygart's river, with the other 100 acres optional with any of the three sons mentioned above as his share, otherwise to be sold and proceeds divided among the three sons equally.

Two-thirds of personal property to be sold and money derived therefrom divided equally among all sons and daughters.

Witnesses: Cyrus Haymond and Joseph Wilkinson

Inventory: Dated Jun 15, 1838. Recorded in Harrison county, WVa will book, No. page 437, at the June term of county court, 1838.

Appraisers: James Dever, William Bell and G. Kayser.

Sale Bill: Blank date. Recorded in the same will book, page 434 at June term.

Executor: Milly Greathouse, widow.

Some Purchasers: Aquilla Ward, Elisha Cottrill, Peter W. Holden, John Green, Matthew Nutter, William Bell, David Louidn, Alfred Bond, Abel Bond, Job B. Stout, Benjamin Marks, Benjamin High, Morgan Bird, Sotha Hickman, Jacob Bumgardner, James Devers, Jacob Grapes and Abner Maxwell.

Greathouse, Milly

Inventory: Dated September 7, 1839. Recorded in Harrison county, WVa will book, No. 5, page 526, at November term of county court, 1839.

Appraisers: Cyrus Haymond, William Bell, and Adam C. Rider.

Sale Bill: Dated September 27, 1839, Recorded in the same will book, page 532 at November term of court, 1839.

Administrator: Aquilla Ward.

Some Purchasers: Edward Gain, John Binegar, Samuel Binegar, Margaret Hickman, Mrs. Gigler, Michael Monroe, J W Rider, C Gigler, Jos Morris, David Rider, Wesley Rider, Jesse Lodge, Job Green, Louis Burroughs, John Loudin, Elijah Wagoner, Richard Folks, William Rhodes, Andrew Reed, William Ralston, Calvin Cottrill, Calbert Morris, George Pritchard, Hiram Wilkinson, Joseph Solomon, James Stout, Elias Hickman, Addison Bumgardner, John Tyson, John Norman, Aaron Barnett, Alexander Cottrill, Samuel Lang, Timothy Peck and John Dilworth.
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