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Greathouse Point: 2008 - Year in Review
« on: December 31, 2008, 06:39:43 PM »
Greetings to All,

2008 has been a very successful year for our Greathouse Projects at Greathouse Point!

We had our best year ever with over 18,000 page loads for the year, with over 2,000 page loads in June alone.

Some of our research accomplishments included:

1)  John Greathouse and Sarah McDade line:
  a) Established that sons Solomon and William both married 2nd wives.
  b) Put William A, son of William H, and William Asa into correct families.
  c) Sorted out Davids that were erroneously listed in the wrong families.
  d) Helped people link up to the correct lineage in this line and others.
  e) Ruled out children Isaac, Betsey, Wylie and their descendants.

2) Sorted out the the three Johns - John G, John Jr. and the John of Harrison  - all born around 1810-1812.
3) Challenged the William Groathouse/Grotehouse of Mifflin being the same person as the son of William and Barbara Greathouse of Harrison.
4) Started more intensive research on descendants of Herman and his two sons, Henry and John.
5) Verified that John Greathouse did not marry Phoebe Thompson in Harrison County.
6) Discovered additional information about the Greathouse families of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.
7) Made excellent progress on our DNA findings and have recruited new participants.

Our new team of researchers at Greathouse Point are scrutinizing their own work, as well as the work done by others. Our desire is to produce the most accurate and best documented history of the Greathouse family in America, based on primary and secondary source documentation, instead of myths or family legends.

We made the hard decision in 2008 to remove the family databases from Greathouse Point, because they were filled with errors and misleading information. Although we understood the desire for people to connect up their trees, we could not, in good conscience, continue to publish incorrect information.   The prior databases had been built on information from sources such as Ancestry's World Tree, Family Tree Maker CD's, GEDComs found on RootsWeb, and was unsupported  by documentation in most cases.

We are currently using documentation from reliable sources and avoiding making assumptions that cannot be supported by facts. For example, by starting afresh, we have collected documented information on Herman Groethausen that provides a detailed time line of events covering his life in America from when he left Prussia, his emigration and activities in  Philadelphia, PA to the time of his death in 1743.

In 2009, we welcome all to our team who have an interest in sincere research that will withstand careful scrutiny.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all the Greathouse Family and Friends,
Admin, Guild Greathouse Forum