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Thank you
« on: May 16, 2008, 02:05:23 PM »
Thank you Rick for all your help on helping me track my Greathouse family.  I've learned so much and I'm very happy that I'm part of the Greathouse Clan.

Thank you again,

Sharon Kay Greathouse Adkison

Sharon's Lineage follows:

John Greathouse Senior and Sarah McDade
..Edward "Ned" Greathouse and Matilda Blosser
....Henry Greathouse and Elvira Hamilton Argabrite
......Samuel M. Greathouse and Amanda Wilson
........Lonnie Gay Greathouse and
..........Sharon's father
............Sharon Kay Greathouse-Adkison

Discussion about connecting Sharon's family to John Greathouse Senior and Sarah McDade:

Email from Sharon Adkison to Rick Greathouse, 23 Apr 2008.
Hello I'm also a Greathouse.  My name is Sharon Greathouse.  My fathers family came from either city or county called Spencer, WV.  My fathers name was Lonnie Dale Greathouse and his fathers name was Gay Greathouse.  I would love to no more about r great name..If I can be of any help please contact me.
Thank you,
Sharon Greathouse-Adkison

(I have 3 Greathouse brothers too)

Email from Rick Greathouse to Sharon Adkison, 23 Apr 2008.
Hello Sharon,

Thanks for the email of introduction. We would be glad to work with you to help you learn more about your family. Can you share some more information about your father and any siblings that he had? As well as any information on Gay, his parents and siblings?

My family is from Spencer, Roane County, WV. Settled there about 1815 and my great-grandfather left there about 1906 and settled in Richwood, Nicholas County, WV.

I will be making a trip to Spencer tomorrow night for the Roane County Historical Society meeting. We have an Adkison who is a member of the society and has written a book on the settlers of Reedy, WV.


Email from Sharon Kay Adkison to Rick Greathouse, 24 Apr 2008.
Hi Rick,
Thank you for answering my note yesterday.  I will look tomorrow for any information we might have.  I know my grandfather Gay has a twin brother not sure on his name but I believe his mother name was Sarah but, I might be wrong.  But, according to records that we found at the State Library they came from Spencer, WV.  My grandfather who died when I was less then a year old came from a large family.  They all are buried between Clinton and Hector Arkansas in what I call the Greathouse Cementary beautiful in the ozarks of Arkansas.  I wished I had more information tonight but I don't.  I just have a feeling that we are related.  Because how many Greathouse's come from Spencer, WV
One thing that I do no is all the males in my father's family died very young except one who just passed this last year.
My daddy died at the age of 32 with major heart problems.  Was one of the first people in the state to have open heart surgery in 1969.  He made it through the surgery but died shortly afterwards.  I had just turned 12.
I hope this information helps maybe just a little and I'll check tomorrow for more.
Thank you very much for all your help,

Email from Sharon Adkison to Rick Greathouse, 24 Apr 2008.
I believe my grandfather Gay had a brother Lay.  I'm thinking Sarah/Charolet whas his mothers name but, I'm not sure.  I'm going to try and get a hold of my dad's cousin tomorrow.  Her dad was the other twin to my Grandfather. She has lots of information even pictures.  I believe she has this huge family bible.  Can't wait till tomorrow to call her.

Talk to u soon, Sharon

Email from Sharon Adkison to Rick Greathouse, 10 May 2008.
Hi Rick,
I have some new information for u.
Grandfathers Name:  Lonnie Gay Greathouse                                                  DOB:  3 August 1898                                                       DOD:  8 February 1958
                               Born in:  West Virginia
Great Grandfather/Grandmothers Name:
                               Jas. N. Greathouse
                               Amanda A. Werrier Greathouse
 Not sure on either one's name - found it looking up birth of my grandfather's bother - Tollie Bryan Greathouse
                                DOB:  11 March 1901
                                DOD:  19 April 1958
He was born in West Virginia
I hope this helps you a little bit
Thanks, Sharon

Email from Rick Greathouse to Sharon Adkison, 10 May 2008.
Could this be your Greathouses...

Name:    Lonnie G Greathouse
Age in 1910:    11
Estimated Birth Year:    abt 1899
Birthplace:    West Virginia
Relation to Head of House:    Son
Father's Name:    Samuel
Father's Birth Place:    West Virginia
Mother's Name:    Mauda
Mother's Birth Place:    West Virginia
Home in 1910:    Spencer, Roane, West Virginia
Marital Status:    Single
Race:    White
Gender:    Male
Neighbors:    View others on page
Household Members:    
Name    Age
Samuel Greathouse    33
Mauda Greathouse    36
Edward R Greathouse    15
Lula M Greathouse    13
Onnie G Greathouse    11
Lonnie G Greathouse    11
Tollie B Greathouse    9

If that is your line of Greathouse's, your Samuel's father and mother were,  Henry Greathouse married Elvira Hamilton Argabrite. Henry was a brother of my 2nd great grandfather, Isaac Benjamin Greathouse.

I was thinking that we might be cousins somehow with that Roane County connection.

I would be interested in receiving further documentation on your family, which I will add to our database.


Email from Sharon Adkison to Rick Greathouse, 11 May 2008.
Thats it..cousin..My grandfather was Lonnie Gay Greathouse, DOB 3 Aug 1898 DOD 8 Feb 1958, Brother Tollie Bryan Greathouse, DOB 11 Mar 1901 DOD 19 Apr 1958.  I got this information off of the grave information at Zion Hill Cementary.  If you pull up that on the internet it will give you afew more name's.  My uncle, my dad's sister were all buried there.  My dad Lonnie Dale was buried at a different cementary.
I was always told by my gradmother (dad's mom) that my grandfather Lonnie was a twin but I can't find out what his twin's name was.  According to record's back then they didn't list there name's.
I so glad that we r part of the family.
I have a part of a family tree on the greathouse side but haven't been able to locate it yet but when I do I will give you more information.
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Re: Thank you
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2008, 12:31:07 PM »
Betty Renick has shared the following info:
Death certificate for Samuel Greathouse, father of Lonnie Gay
Copy of an old contact:

Samuel Lee Greathouse (d. 1944) m. Amanda Wilson (d. 1937). Their children were Rex, Lonie and Onie Guy (twins), and Tolly. Onie Guy (8/3/1898-9/18/1971) m. Jenny Ann Sampson (3/27/1905-3/12/1980) in 1923. Their children were Samuel, Edith, Madeline, Elva, Eva, Hazel, Evelyn, and Betty.

My grandmother was Evelyn. I have hardly any information so anything would be greatly appreciated. My father grew up in Spencer which leads me to believe that is the area the family is from.

Anna Burgess
Admin, Guild Greathouse Forum