Author Topic: When was the "Greathouse Research Guild" founded?  (Read 5155 times)


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When was the "Greathouse Research Guild" founded?
« on: August 23, 2008, 03:13:43 PM »
When was the "Greathouse Research Guild", our forum, founded? By whom? And what events led to the creation of our forum, which serves as an additional tool for gathering additional research, that can be shared, on our website, with our group?

A remnant of our old "Greathouse Research Guild" forum, is still available at EZBoards.

Our forum first went online on 3 Oct 2001, based on the first announcement that our new forum was available for use.

Our forum was established as an additional tool that would help Greathouse Point gather additional research, from members of our group, who would prefer to use a forum, instead of a mailing list, to share their work with our website.

Also because of the growing problem with spam at that time, which is even worse now... it was common opinion of many experts on spam, that mailing lists were going to become obsolete, within a few short years. Of course, mailing lists are still with us today, but their usage is diminishing as the problem with spam continues to grow, significantly.

On 30 Apr 2004, we completed the move of forum from EZBoard to our new forum that was hosted with our our group's website. At the time, the name was changed from "Greathouse Research Guild" forum to "Greathouse Community" forum. At that time our forum was powered by PHPBB.

Within the last couple years, the software powering our forum was changed to Simple Machines Forum.

Recently, our forum was renamed back to "Greathouse Research Guild" forum because we want to start using it to share research where a peer review process can be implemented.

As of September 1, 2008, "Guild Greathouse Forum" is the new name for our forum, retiring "Greathouse Research Guild" and "Greathouse Community".
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