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Genealogy-DNA Kits make great Christmas Gifts
« on: December 17, 2008, 01:15:20 PM »
Greetings to all,

Jim Bartlet just posted the following article on the Harrison County
Genealogical Society's mailing list, which I thought would be great to share
with our mailing list.

For all of our cousins with connections to the Greathouses of Harrison
County, WV, you might also be interested in Harrison County Genealogy
Society's website.

Our Greathouse DNA Project pages:

Greathouse DNA Project at DNA Heritage:

Greathouse DNA Project at Family Tree DNA:

Merry Christmas to all,

Rick Greathouse

Greathouse Point
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Greathouse DNA Project


Genealogy-DNA Kits make great Christmas Gifts

Some of you may have attended my presentation on Genealogy-DNA at the
2007 HCPD Gathering.

Genealogy-DNA is a tool, like census records, deeds, tombstones, etc -
AND it is virtually 100% accurate!

Summary: Someone takes a DNA test - if their result matches someone else
they share a common ancestor; they don't share a common ancestor with
someone they don't match.

Prices have fallen recently, and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) has a very good
sale this month - their 37-marker Y-DNA (for SURNAME projects) is deeply

The DNA Kit provides everything you need and thus makes a very good
Christmas Gift.

It's actually kind of a clever gift from us hard-core genealogists to
those who are only slightly (or not-at-all) interested.

Because, in addition to the string of numbers that need to be matched
and genealogical lines traced, the DNA Kit results give us some fun
information about Deep Ancestry:

A 37-marker result will also include the "haplogroup" - the major branch
on the tree of mankind the participant belongs to.

Most American Colonists from England were (and their descendants are)
haplogroup "R1b" - these represent the first settlers in Britain c8,000
years ago (after the last Ice Age)
Some American Colonists from England were I1a or I1b - this DNA comes
from Vikings who invaded Britain, and settled there
A few American Colonists from England were E1b1 - this DNA comes from
men from the Balkans 5,000 years ago, who were drafted by the Romans
c43-400AD to be part of their occupation of Britain

There are many other possiblities depending on where your ancestors
originated - or the ancestors of someone for whom you need a unique
gift... The results include a map, showing were the ancestors migrated
thousands of years ago.

Here's how to get the discounted pricing - join a SURNAME Project at

Go to:
On the right side, under the blue Search Bar, to the right of "Equals"
box; enter a SURNAME in the box and click on Submit
On SEARCH RESULTS page note the various projects and the number of
If there is a Project for your SURNAME (or a close spelling), click on
that name
You'll get the JOIN THE Surname PROJECT page;
You can have the Kit mailed to you or to someone else; you can pay
on-line by CC or have them bill you. - the best value is Y-DNA37
(options and pricing in pull down box)
You can also order a mitochondrial DNA kit (mtDNA), which traces your
DNA through the participants mother and up the all-female line
You can also click on the Website link
On the _____ Surname DNA Project page
1. Read the Background
2. Click on Goals, News, Results, Y Results (wait for this one to

The good news about a SURNAME Project at FTDNA is that (usually) there
is a Project Admin (like me) who will be happy to help you.

This is my hobby - I'd be happy to answer any questions

Merry Christmas to all;

Jim Bartlett
BARTLETT-DNA Project Admin
Admin, Guild Greathouse Forum