Author Topic: J W Greathause in WW2  (Read 5107 times)


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J W Greathause in WW2
« on: January 08, 2009, 08:16:06 PM »
I recently acquired a WW2 "short snorter" (dollar bill signed by military) which has the following info written around the edge: "Flite # 62105 R5-D # 50859 1-6-45 At 10,000' Short Snorter Bennett Honolulu To Oakland Via NATS". The bill is signed by 9 people.

Obviously this was a Naval Air Transport Service flight from Honolulu to Oakland and I have tracked down some info on the R5-D aircraft by using the BuNo (50859) provided. But I do not know if the 9 signatures were crew or passengers.

The top signature on the bill appears to be J W Greathause, but it is hard to read. He may have been in the Navy in WW2 in Jan, 1945, or he could have been a civilian or military passenger of antother service branch.

Does anyone know the J W Greathause this might be? If so please post here or contact me at