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Greathouse County Update, 20 Feb 2010
« on: February 20, 2010, 02:25:48 PM »
There have been some additions and updates posted for our Greathouse County Project. A summary has been posted on the News page at Greathouse Point.

Of particular interest, would be:

Rev. W. H. Brong, History of Plainfield Reformed Church. The Pennsylvania German, Vol X, No. 7, July 1909.

Brong lists the names of the individuals involved in the catechetical classes 1 through 3 between 1763 and 1767, but after that, he just states the number of individuals involved in the catechetical classes from 1769 through 1783, which is the time period we would be interested in.

For the first three catechetical classes recorded in the first Church Book of Plainfield Reformed Church, see Page 308.

Rev. John William Weber, reported on two catechetical classes during his service as pastor of the Church... the 6th class confirmed 1 Apr 1775 with 24 members and the 7th class confirmed 28 Apr 1776 with 14 members.

For his class summaries, see Page 309.

For those just joining us, we would be interested in Rev. John William Weber's service as Pastor of Plainfield Reformed Church because of the following baptism he performed on 5 Nov 1775:


1775, Sep 10 - Plainfield Township: Plainfield Reformed Church Records:

Entries by the Rev. John Wm. Weber, Sept. 1772 - May 1783.

John Leonard, son of William & Maria Grothaus, b. 10 Sep 1775, bap. 5 Nov 1775; Sponsors: Leonard Bayer [Johann Leonhart Beyer] & wife.


For more information about William & Maria Grothaus and their son, John Leonard, see:

Most Wanted Greathouse: William Grothaus of Plainfield Township, Northampton County, PA

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