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Greathouse of Georgia
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In reply to the following query posted in the Greathouse Message Board at RootsWeb:

Re: Greathouse From Georgia
KenHudson1945    Posted: 16 Jan 2011 7:24PM GMT
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Wow,this is my Early&Susan,1st.we heard of Early's brothers & uncles.his mother was Sarah ?, Would like to find source of his name "Early" maybe from his mother side. I believe he only had 10 kids,8 sons 2 dau. We are told Abraham was in Am. Revolution, then moved to Gorgia. Any history on Early's brothers &/or sisters. where in PA. did they live? Are they from Henry Abraham at Greathouse Point,PA. ?

At this point, Henry Abraham, was one of the earliest known settlers of Brothersvalley, Bedford County, PA in 1771.

The western portion of Brothersvalley was granted to Turkeyfoot Township when it was founded just after the taxes for 1773 were collected. Residents of present-day Confluence, PA were assessed for Year 1774 taxes in 1773, as residents of Turkeyfoot Township.

Other early settlers, like William Greathouse were usually named with Henry Abraham, so Henry Abraham serves as a good point of reference to learn whom his neighbors were. William Greathouse, in one deed was named as owning land which adjoined Henry Abraham.

However, there have been no marriages found between the Abraham and Greathouse family of the area, at this time.

For your Georgia Greathouse line, look to the will of Henry Greathouse, probated in 1745.

Will of Henry Greathouse of Lancaster County, PA, 1745


1) Jacob Greathouse was named as son/heir in the will of his father, Henry Greathouse.

2) One of the executor's was named as John Vanhousen.

3) The marriage of Jacob Greathouse to Christian Van Huse [or Vanhousen] at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA on 12 Aug 1749. Basically Jacob Greathouse married the daughter of one of the executors named his father's will.

1749, Aug 12 - Marriage: Jacob Greathouse and Christian Vanhousen, Trinity Lutheran Church

Page 193

36. Jacob GROETHAUS, a bachelor from Tulpehocken, and Christianity Van Huse, a single person also from there, both Lutheran, married by a license August 12, 1749.


1) Jacob Greathouse was named as a son/heir in the will of Henry Greathouse [Groothouse], deceased, which was probated on 28 Feb 1744.

2) Christian Van Huse [Vanhousen] was the daughter of John Vanhousen and Elizabeth Christina Laux [or Loucks. English interpretation caused this surname to change]. Her father, John Vanhousen was named as an Executor in the will of Henry Greathouse, deceased.

3) On 5 Apr 1753, prior to moving to Anson County, NC, John Vanhousen and wife sold their land in Heidelberg, Berks County, PA to John Joseph Derr and Henry Boyer. On 23 Jan 1755, after moving their family to Anson County, NC, John Vanhousen purchased 200 acres of land along the Pee Dee River from John Hall and his wife, Elizabeth.

4) Jacob Greathouse and his wife, Christian Vanhousen, were soon to follow his father-in-law to Anson County, NC, where Jacob Greathouse obtained land, 200 acres on the S. W. side of Pee Dee river, which was granted to him on 1 Jul 1758.
5) Christian was named as a daughter of John Vanhooser, in his will which was recorded in Anson County, NC, on 21 Jan 1762.

6) A daughter, named Christian, appears to have been born to Jacob & Christian Vanhooser Greathouse, about 1762, while they were residents of Anson County, NC. She married John Castle/Cassel. John Castle, along with Jacob Greathouse Sr., was named as early settlers of the Quaker settlement at Wrightsboro, GA. John Castle was named as an heir/distributee of the estate of Jacob Greathouse, whom deceased in Columbia County, GA, in 1801. John Castle's wife was named as Christian in his own will, which was registered on 10 Mar 1816, by the clerk of Jasper County, GA.

7) In 1763, Jacob Grotehouse, along with John Vanhooser Jr. and John Vanhooser, were taxed as resident freeholders of Anson County, NC.

For anyone who would like copies of the original documentation which supports the information shared above, you may email your request to:

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You can use the "Find on Page" search feature of your browser, to search for the following individuals name or phrases:

JOHANNES VAN HOESEN (John 2, Jan Fransse 1)
William Allen Tract in Heidelberg Township
John Joseph Derr
Henry Boyer
county of Anson [NC]
Pee Dee River

JOHN VANHOOSER'S WILL [missing codicil for Christian Vanhooser [Greathouse], however it was in copy of will obtained from Anson County Courthouse. See: ]

Christian Van Hooser
Jacob Groethaus

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