Author Topic: How did "Greathouse Point" and the "Greathouse Cousin Network" begin?  (Read 8259 times)


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How did "Greathouse Point" and the "Greathouse Cousin Network" begin?

Pat Greathouse continued, "Another Greathouse cousin, Rick Greathouse, joined the two of us and created the outstanding web page called Greathouse Point."

Greathouse Point was first published on the Internet on 4 June 1998, as the website, which was adopted for the use of all Greathouse family researchers, new and veteran, who were sharing their research of the Greathouse family with the "Greathouse Cousins Data Exchange", which was renamed to "Greathouse Cousin Network", shortly after the website was published online.

With the publication of Greathouse Point on the Internet, or World Wide Web, three people, Pat Greathouse, Frank Neher and Rick Greathouse, served as the pioneers, who made Greathouse family research available to the world, by sharing the research collections of Greathouse Point with all Greathouse family researchers, who are seeking to learn more about the history of the Greathouse family of America, as well as, in Europe. Geathouse Point has continuously served those seeking their Greathouse family history, for over twelve years.
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