Author Topic: Family Tree DNA Sale Ends Dec 31, 2013  (Read 7467 times)


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Family Tree DNA Sale Ends Dec 31, 2013
« on: December 30, 2013, 01:17:34 PM »
Hi Folks,

Wanted to let you know the Family Tree DNA sale is ending at midnight on December 31st. I would ask if you would consider upgrading your YDNA test result to at least 67 markers but for sure to do the FAMILY FINDER test. We are finding that some of the individuals who cannot prove lineage for sure are matching with participants in the family finder test. I for one have added the family finder test to myself, my father and my son.


Nancy Acord-Greathouse
Rick Greathouse
Co-Admins Greathouse Surname Y-DNA

Dear Project Administrator,

Thank you for another outstanding year of discovery at Family Tree DNA. As you may know, our end-of-the-year prices for new kit orders and upgrades is ending December 31, 2013.

Order and pay today before the sale ends!
New Kits
Product       Sale Price    Savings
Y-DNA37       $119 US    $50. Savings
Y-DNA67       $189 US    $79. Savings
Y-DNA111       $289 US    $70. Savings

Product             Sale Price
refine 12-37       $69 US
refine 12-67       $148 US
refine 25-37       $35 US
refine 25-67       $114 US
refine 37-67       $79 US
refine 37-111       $188 US
refine 67-111       $109 US

Family Finder

Get a $100 gift card with every Family Finder order in the United States!
Product              Sale Price    
Family Finder       $99* US    


Discover New Matches with Family Finder Transfer

Transfer your 23andMe© or AncestryDNA™ today for the best Family Finder analysis and the most useful tools. Learn more...
Product                       Sale Price    
Autosomal transfer       $49 US    
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