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My Greathouse Connections
« on: June 30, 2004, 09:29:02 PM »
Thought I would list my Greathouse Connections that I have. I have 2 connections to the Greathouse Family. For the first connection I will list what I have right now.

Christie Lemasters/B.A. Hedrick Jr.
Marion G Lemasters/Janet Lee Matthew
Edith Greathouse/Charles Washington Lemasters
William Frank Greathouse/Matilda L Greathouse

As of right now I have no other information about William Frank Greathouse. But if someone is able to help me fill in, it would be greatly appreciated.
Now for my second connection to the Greathouse Family. Which starts with Matilda L Greathouse.

Matilda L. Greathouse/ William Frank Greathouse
Isaac B Greathouse/Sarah E Tanner
Edward "Neddy" Greathouse/Matilda Blosser
John Greathouse/Sarah McDade

Thank you for such a wonderful site. The site has been great help in my searching.

Christie L Hedrick