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John Satterfield Greathouse of KY
« on: October 17, 2004, 08:43:44 PM »
I'm seeking info on John Satterfield Greathouse, born about 1841 (possibly in KY), married Sarah Jane Cofer  in Harden Co. KY near Elizabethtown and died in Bowling Green KY about 1913.

Family verbal history relates that he was a Civil War veteran, altho I couldn't find any record of his service.  He had lost an eye and claimed that it was shot out in battle.

He was a Baptist preacher and circuit rider in KY for many years.

His daughter, Sarah Frances Greathouse, was my great grandmother.  He resided with her for the last part of his life.  I believe that he also may have had a son named John S. Greathouse.  A photo of him was found with his name and relationship to Sarah Frances written on the back, altho no one in the family had ever heard of or seen him.  

I would like to know where John Satterfield Greathouse was born and what his ancestry was like.  Also, if there are siblings of Sarah Frances other than John.

Thank you for your help.