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Welcome to Greathouse Point...
Home of the Greathouse Historical Center!

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Greathouse Point, home of the Greathouse Historical Center and Guild Greathouse are devoted to the study of Greathouse family genealogy, history and surname, including, but not limited to, those descending from Herman Groethausen, who immigrated to Springfield, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania from Grossdornberg, Ravensberg, Brandenburg in 1710. Herman is the first American Greathouse whom we can trace. More research is needed to accurately document his descendants and their associated families.

Members of Guild Greathouse have been honing their craft since 1996 by skillfully assembling records from where our Greathouse ancestors lived. Members of our guild share their Greathouse family research with others through Greathouse Point; our Guild Greathouse Forum; and the Greathouse Mailing List. Our guild also exchanges research with groups and individuals from the European countries of Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden. We have established contact with the group, Families von Grotthuss and von Grothusen of Germany, and others, for the opportunity to discover more information about Herman Groethausen's family roots in Bielefeld, Germany. By joining in research and sharing your work, you become a member of Guild Greathouse. We welcome all, new and veteran, who are interested in sharing Greathouse family research to join us, as we continue our journey. Join Us?

Through our website, you can browse the extensive records collection, which has been indexed by nation, state and county, in our Greathouse Archives project. You can also visit the collections available in our Greathouse Libary, which has been indexed by record category. You can search our Greathouse family database. You can interact in our guild's forum and sign up for our mailing list. We also sponsor the Greathouse Surname DNA Project and are seeking Greathouse male participants to assist us, in establishing whether their Greathouse male ancestors shared Herman Groethausen as their most recent common ancestor.

Our Goals for Guild Greathouse: We perform an exhaustive search for records in our ancestors' locations of residence; we compile the records gathered with relevant source citations; we develop timelines from which well-researched family histories can be prepared; We provide new and veteran Greathouse family researchers with historical records they can use to build their Greathouse family tree on a solid foundation; and we correct misinformation for Greathouse families across America.

Our Vision for Greathouse Point: We bring Greathouse historical records to you, so together we can weave the history of the Greathouse family of America, like "a twisted cord of many threads which will not easily be broken."

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