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Greathouse of Philadelphia County, PA

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1750, Jan 17 - Will: Anthony Hinkle Jr.

Will of Anthony Hinkle Jr.

(Phila. City Hall, Room 162, Will Book I., p. 362.)

"A just translation of the following German will, per J. B. Sculpius."

"German Township, January 17, 1750-51.

In the name of the Holy Trinity: Since I, the subscriber, although weak in body, yet in my perfect senses, have considered how certain death is, therefore concluded to put my house in order, and hereby make my last will carefully amongst my family.

I recommend and submissively (submit ?) my soul to the mercy of God in Christ Jesus, through His blood redeemed to guard in His hand until the day of resurrection, and my body to be buried in the Lutheran burial place in my sepulchure. [1]

[1] From this it is evident that he had a reserved lot, in which his mother was buried 1744, and probably his honored father.—Ed.

I recommend my wife and children to the protection of their Heavenly Father, and pray He will be their husband and father, and exhort them that they would all their lives long keep God before their eyes and prepare for eternity.

About my effects I order as follows:

1. As long as my wife remains in her widowhood and accomplishes the bringing up of her children, there shall be nothing sold, but remain together and administered by my wife and oldest son until the youngest child is ten years old, but if my wife marry again, then may she if willing remain upon the place and keep her house and have her third part according to law of all moveables and revenues, and shall have for every child until it is 12 years old five pounds Pennsylvania currency per year for the bringing up of them, as long as the children are comfortably sent to school, she shall have 20 shillings school money, upon consideration that she nor her husband do not cut any wood nor cause any to be cut for to sell, or use any further than is needful for fencing and what depends thereto, though they may use any dead wood for fireing or housekeeping.

2. My widow, or those in whose care the children may be intrusted, shall keep them in due season to school and church, and take care that everyone of them before it comes to be 18 years of age may be admitted to communion and confession. This is my solemn will.

3. When the youngest of my children aforesaid, is 10 years old, then shall everything be set down and be divided amongst them whereby it is to be observed—That the oldest son, John, for his heritage above the rest shall have twenty pounds sterling for himself.

4. My only daughter, Mary Barbara, shall when she shall marry, besides her usual portion, have first a good bed according to her condition, and if she should marry without the consent of her mother, and the hereinafter named councillors, then shall this be nil and void.

5. After my decease, and in four weeks time, shall all my estate, moveables, or whatsoever it may be called, be praised by honest men in the presence of my wife and son, and the hereinafter named counsellors.

6. The Evangelical church here in Germantown at Cettlehousen shall receive 5 pounds Pennsylvania currency out of my estate within one half year after my decease which John Grethousen and Anthony Gilbert as trustees are to receive and account for.

7. My wife and last widow Anna Margareta Hinkel, and my oldest son John, are hereby instituted to be executors of this my last will and are in virtue hereof ordained with the condition that—

8. The two aforesaid executors as to their advice and counsel accept and use those two men, viz., Henry Keppele, my dear godfather at Philadelphia, and Anthony Gilbert, my trusted friend in Germantown, so that in weighty matters they be advised by them and without their advice not to execute anything. I hope that those two men will out of love and friendship to my family take care that all my debts be paid and that those which are indebted to me make payment, and that all according to my testament be ordered.

To the confirmation of which have I in the presence of all witnesses given at the first mentioned date.

Antoni Henckel.

Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of Peter Brumholtz, Anthony Gilbert, Baltzer Hoffman.


Ammon Stapleton, Elon Osiander Henkel, Henkel Memorial Association, The Henkel memorial: historical, genealogical, and biographical; a serial publication devoted to collecting and preserving the history of the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henkel (known in history as Rev. Gerhart Henkel) ... who came from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1717 ... Also to collect and preserve the ..., A. Stapleton, 1910. Original from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Digitized Nov 30, 2007. Page 45, 1750, Jan 17 - Will of Anthony Hinkle, Jr., Trustees: John Grethausen and Anthony Gilbert. View @ Google Books


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