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Greathouse of Augusta County, VA

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Augusta County, VA? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

1774, May 20 - A Speech of the Shawanese [Cornstalk] to Alex. McKee, 1774

May 20th, 1774

Directed to George Croghan, Esqr, & the Commandant at Pittsburg, Capt'n John Connolly.


We are sorry to see so much ill doing between you and us, First, you Killed our Brother Othawakeesquo, (or Ben,) Next, our Elder Brothers the Mingoes, then the Delawares, All which Mischiefs so close to each other, Aggravated our People very much; yet we all determined to be quiet till we knew what you meant; Our Peopl were all getting ready to go to their Hunting as usual: but these Troubles have stopped them. The Traders that were amongst us were very much endangered by such doings, from the Persons Injured; but as we are convince of their Innocence. We are determined to protect them and send them safe to their Relations and other Friends, and it will (we hope) be looked upon as a proof of our good Intentions; I, the Cornstalk do send my Brother to be along with the Traders, in case any of the Parties injured should be in their way and in Revenge for the Loss of their Friends fall on them; therefore we Request that you will present our good Intentions to the Governors of Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and request that a stop may be put to such Doings for the Future. We likewise Request that the Comandt Capt'n Connolly of Pittsburgh, will do his endeavour to stop such foolish People from the like doings for the Future. And as I have with great Trouble and pains prevailed on the foolish People amongst us to sit still and do no harm till we see whether it is the intention of the white people in general to fall on us, and shall still continue so to do in hopes that matters may be settled: I did intend to go myself not to Talk, but to carry home the Traders, but in my stead I send my Brother, and I expect that Mr. McKee, Mr. Croghan and Capt'n Connoly, & each other of our Brothers will show him the same Regard that they would me as in seeing him, they see me all the same as if personally present. This is all I have to say now to you.

N. B. What concerned the Trader I have said to themselves, as the Whampum we have given them will Testify.


1) The party of traders who were protected by the Shawanese, joined Cornstalk's party along Hockhocking Creek where they were cleaning and selling the fur pelts they had gathered while hunting and trappling along the Ohio River, below Hockhocking Creek, during the winter of 1773/74. The party of traders were delivered safe and sound by Cornstalk's brother, to Mr. McKee and Mr. Croghan at Wheeling about 20 May 1774.


Pennsylvania Archives, Series 1, Vol. 4, Pennsylvania Archives 1774, Page: 497-498, A Speech of the Shawanese [Cornstalk] to Alex. McKee, 1774. View @ Footnote


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