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Greathouse of Augusta County, VA

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Augusta County, VA? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

1774, May 27 - Letter: Dorsey Pentecost for John Connoly, to Capt. Joel Reece

"As I have received intelligence that Logan, a Mingo Indian, with about twenty Shawnees and others, were to set off for war last Monday, and I have reason to believe that they may come upon the inhabitants about Wheeling, I hereby order, require and command you, with all the men you can raise, immediately to march and join any of the companies already out and under the pay of government, and, upon joining your parties together, scour the frontier and become a barrier to our settlements, and endeavor to fall in with their tracks, and pursue them, using your utmost endeavors to chastise them as open and avowed enemies."

I am, sir, your most humble servant,
"Dorsey Pentecost, for
"To Capt. Joel Reece, use all expedition, May 27,1774."


1) A Joel Rees was the leader of the surveying party, consisting of Jacob Greathouse, William Grills and the Mahan brothers, which rescued Simon Kenton and John Strader about 6 miles above present-day Point Pleasant, WV, after they had been attacked by Indians in their camp along Campbell's Creek, about six days prior to their rescue, in March 1773.

Excerpt: John McDonald, Sketch of General Simon Kenton, of Kentucky

Protected by the guardian care of a merciful Providence, and still hoping for relief, they reached, on the sixth day a point on the Ohio river, within six miles of the mouth of the Kanawha [near present-day Point Pleasant, WV], where, to their great joy, they with Joel Rease, Jacob Greathouse, William Grills, and the two Mahans, who were the party, it will be recollected, with which Kenton first united on the Cheat River.


Samuel Kercheval, Charles James Faulkner, John Jeremiah Jacob, A history of the valley of Virginia, Samuel H. Davis, 1833. Original from the University of Virginia, Digitized Dec 4, 2007. Page 175, 1774, May 27 - Letter: Dorsey Pentecost for John Connoly, to Capt. Joel Reece. View @ Google Books.


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