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4 June 2008
Happy 10th Birthday... Greathouse Point!


On Wednesday, 4 June 2008, we will be celebrating the 10th Birthday of Greathouse Point.

Greathouse Point became what it is today because of the past cooperation, teamwork and the mutual goals shared by all the members of our Greathouse Cousin Network.  We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help that you have given us for the past 10 years.

For the past 10 years our goals were:

  1. To correct inaccurate Greathouse information that has been published in the past.
  2. To collect and share documented facts about the descendants of Herman Groethausen, ca 1670-1743.
  3. To help others connect their lineage to the main family tree.
  4. To share all research that is collected and to enable future generations to find accurate information.

Moving forward into the future, we are refocusing these goals:

  1. We will follow acceptable genealogical standards to better document our work to enable future generations to find accurate information about the Greathouse family.
  2. We will continue the cooperation with our European Cousins.  We want to travel to Germany and meet with Harry von Grotthuss and members of the Families von Grotthuss and Grothusen to learn more of our heritage.
  3. We will continue to use DNA testing, to add genetic evidence that is capable of proving or disproving our theories about male Greathouse lines, and to support our documentation.
  4. We will continue to assist others to connect or correct their lineages to our documented research, but that will no longer be the main focus.
  5. We will focus on obtaining documentation for the early pioneer Greathouses.

Building on the success of the past, we look forward to working with you to accomplish even more successes in our continuing research of the Greathouse family.

Special thanks to Betty Renick for the design of Greathouse Point's 10th Birthday card.

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