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The Weekly Bulletin
Roane County, WV

March 30, 1887

Jesse Tanner, of near this place, died on last Saturday morning in his ninety-first year. On Tuesday before he apparently died for a few minutes but soon revived and was in his right mind. Among other things he said "I will have this all to do over again" evidently referring to his death on Tuesday. For the last ten years he has been very feeble, and two years ago he received a fall which resulted in confining him to his bed since that time. He was born on Mill Creek in Jackson County and was among the first settlers in this section. He had been married three times and was the father of 18 children and the step father of 11 children making a total of 29. The remains were entered Sunday at the grave yard on the hill. (Note: the December 23, 1885 issue stated "Old Jesse Tanner, near town, is reported in a critical condition. He has been sitting in his chair day and night for several weeks and is not without pain for a minute.")

November 17, 1897

Uncle "Ned" Greathouse, one of the oldest citizens of the county died on last Sunday at Linden at the ripe old age of 90 years. The remains were brought here and buried in the Spencer cemetery on Monday. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. J. Harris of M. P. Church. A more extended notice will appear next week.

November 24, 1897


Edward Greathouse, born November 17, 1807 (?); died November 12, 1897.

John Greathouse, father of Edward, left Harrison county at the beginning of the present century came to what is now Roane county, settling a short distance below Spencer on Spring Creek near where John Walsh now lives. Here in this almost unbroken wilderness the boy Edward was born and grew to manhood. His father's home was one of hospitality and good will. All travelers might shelter under his roof and be fed from his table without thought of a charge. All denominations worshipped at their home, for churches there were none, and the congregations were always pressed to remain for meals. "Uncle Ned" as he was familiarly known grew up with the impress of his surrounding stamped in his character. Genial, generous and honest; no charge to the contrary was ever made; but all who knew respected him.

In 1833 he was married to Elizabeth Blosser. Of this union 14 children were born, most of whom are still living and known to BULLETIN readers.

He was for many years a member of the M. P. Church but in later years moved to Linden and made his home with his daughter, Mrs. G. W. Webb. Here he became a member of the Baptist church and died in its fellowship. Peace to his ashes.

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