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Herman Groethausen Homestead Photos

Here you will find a collection of photos of Herman Groethausen's homestead. If you have other photos of Herman's homestead, please submit them to Greathouse Point.

Herman Groethausen's Homestead Photos
Compiled and submitted by Sandra Taylor

As you can see the inscription in the peak is:




 I is often written for J in the old English and German.   Greathouse or Groethausen could have been done as two words (i.e., “G and H”).   So, this could be:  “John Great House and Amelia Great House, 1742”. Herman Groethausen sold the land this house was built on in 1740, and Herman died in 1743.  So this inscription could have been placed here by John and Amelia or by Herman for John and Amelia.

Other possibilities include the G in the middle being the last name, and the “I and H” and the “J and H” being initials for first names.  This is often done on silverware and towels, in which case the last name initial in the middle is normally much larger.  We don’t know Herman’s wife’s name.  Herman’s son’s were named Henry and John.   It is also possible that this inscription was placed on the house later than 1742, possibly by the Ottingers, who bought the house from John and Amelia.  The Ottingers were good family friends.  Or, it could have been placed here by a subsequent owner as part of a refurbishment project.

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