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Greathouse of Harrison County, WV

Do you have any Greathouse kith and kin who resided in Harrison County, WV? If so, please join us in our efforts to better document the Greathouse kith and kin who lived in this county, by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

1786, Oct - Petition To Work Out Taxes And Build A Good Road From The State Road To The Mouth Of Little Kanawha

To the Honorable Speaker and Gentlemen, Delegates of the General Assembly.

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Harrison County Humbly sheweth that by our remote Situation from navigation and the maney Incursions of the Savages we have since the beginning of the War been kept in such low circumstances that we are fully satisfied it would be Impractical for the Sheriff to Collect the Taxes now Due and we the Petitioners Conceiving it our Duty to Discharge our portion of the Taxes now Due and we the Petitioners Conceiving it our Duty to Discharge our portion of the Taxes as Required by Law to the Public Acct. humbly Conceive that a Road from the State Road to the Mouth of Little Kenhawa would be of great Utility to the State of Virginia. Which Road we Presume can be made with not more than ordinary Labour. And Consequently if Such Road is not made the Trade from the Western Side of the Ohio River as well as on the Eastern side will Continue to Fort Pitt, and from thence to the Pennsylvania Ports, to the Injury of the Commonwealth and as we are able to Labour and furnish Provisions & which is the only thing we can Discharge our Taxes in. We humbly beg that your Honorable House will pass an Act for opening the Said Road, and Exonerate us from Paying our Taxes in Money, but Call on us for our proportion of Taxes agreeable to our prayer and we your Petitioners as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray. Signed:

John Greathouse
William Jr. Greathouse

Petition was hung on the Court House Door Two Several Monthly Court Days. Test. Benj. Wilson, Clk.
[Petition was signed "Reasonalble", a law passed proving for the road in October 1786. Hening's Statutes-At-Large, Vol XII, p. 295.]


Nettie Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Speakman Love, The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Harrison County, Virginia [now West Virginia]. Genealogy Books in Print, Springfield, Virginia, 1987. Page 535.


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