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Greathouse of Philadelphia County, PA

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1748, Aug 15 - First Convention, Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania

Extract And Copy Of The General Church Protocol Kept By Rev. Brunnholtz And Signed By Those Present In The Evangelical Lutheran St. Michael's Church, Philadelphia, August 15, 1748. Hallesche Nachrichten, n. e. 208-211.

The United Congregations held a meeting at which were present:

Preachers: The Swedish Provost Sandin, Hartwig from New York, Muhlenberg, Brunnholtz, Handschuh and Kurtz.

Delegated Elders And Deacons From The United Congregations: From:

Germantown: Michael Eye, John Grothausen, Anton Hinkel and Deacon Anton Gilbert.
Tulpehocken: Balthes Anspach, Hannes Imel, Abraham Lauk

Excerpt from Page 12:

The Philadelphia elders thank the elders for their presence at their church consecration, and invite them to partake of a light meal. In closing, "Du hochster Troster," etc., was sung.

Signed: Muhlenberg, Brunnholtz, Handschuh, Kurtz, Henry Schleydorn, in the name of the others from Philadelpia, Grothausen from Germantown, Marsteller from Providence, Jurg Jurger from New Hanover, Christ. Trenkel from Lancaster, Abraham Lauk from Tulpehocken, Andr. Beyer, Leitner, Beil, etc., etc.

Excerpt from Page 13:

The Church Agenda (Liturgy) Of 1748

[Begin at Providence, April 27-29 (H. N., n. e. p. 449), and completed at Philadelphia, according to promise made the lay delegates, as above recorded.]


1) The first meeting of the Ministerium took place at the 1748 dedication of Old Zion Church's sister church, St. Michael's, Philadelphia.

2) In Muhlenberg's opening address, he related: "A twisted cord of many threads does not easily break. Unity must exist among us. Each member of the congregation has children. The officers of the congregations have great responsibilities, and should not be careless in the maintenance of good order, especially for the interests of the children, who, if they should be neglected, would with their parents condemn them. We are assembled for the purpose of establishing better order among the congregations."

3) In the will of Anthony Hinkle Jr., dated 17 Jan 1750, John Grethausen and Anthony Gilbert were appointed as trustees for a contribution that was to be made to the Evangelical Lutheran St. Michael's Church here in Germantown.

4) Abraham Lauk [Laux] left Livingston Manor in 1725 and settled along Tulpehocken Creek, then in Chester County, PA. His sister, Elizabeth Christina Lauk [Laux] married Johannes Van Hoesen [Vanhousen] at Livingston Manor, Claverack, Albany County, NY on 11 Apr 1720. In the spring of 1728, Johannes Van Hoesen [Vanhousen], his wife Elizabeth Christina Lauk [Laux], and their three children, along with other Germans, migrated to Heidelberg, Chester County, PA, which became part of Lancaster County in 1729. Heidelberg was located in Lancaster County, PA through the creation of Berks County, PA, which occurred on 11 Mar 1752, or in the area of present-day Robesonia, Berks County, PA.

5) John Vanhousen was named as an executor in the will of Henry Groothouse, also of Heidelberg, whose will was probated in Philadelphia, PA on 28 Feb 1744.

6) On June 4-5, 1749, The Pennsylvania Ministerium met in Trinity Church [of Lancaster, PA] for its second convention. The Rev. Mr. Muhlenberg preached in German on Sunday morning and "in the evening in English for the benefit of the English who had no preacher".

7) At Trinity Lutheran Church of Lancaster, PA, Jacob GROETHAUS, a bachelor from Tulpehocken, and Christianity Van Huse [Vanhousen], a single person also from there, both Lutheran, married by a license August 12, 1749.


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Greathouse Point, Greathouse County, Philadelphia County, PA. 1750 - Will of Anthony Hinkle Jr., Trustees: John Grethausen and Anthony Gilbert.

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Greathouse Point, Greathouse County, Chester County, PA. 1728 - Vanhoesen to Heidelberg.

Greathouse Point, Greathouse County, Lancaster County, PA.

Greathouse Point, Greathouse County, Philadelphia County, PA. 1745 - Will: Henry Greathouse, John Vanhousen, Executor.

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Greathouse Point, Greathouse County, Lancaster County, PA. 1749, Aug 12 - Marriage: Jacob Groethaus and Christianity Van Huse, Trinity Lutheran Church. 36. Jacob GROETHAUS, a bachelor from Tulpehocken, and Christianity Van Huse, a single person also from there, both Lutheran, married by a license August 12, 1749.


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